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Dual Occupancy / Duplex

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a residential building that has two units under a single roof. The two units share a common dividing wall that splits the building into two separate homes. Also known as dual occupancy, each unit acts as a totally separate home with its own amenities, entrance and yard. Both units can be on a single title, which would mean you would have to sell both units together.

Why build a Duplex?

  • Why build one house when you can build two and pocket some cash? Building a duplex offers you the opportunity to live in the location you desire for a fraction of the cost. 
  • Often, people wonder why you’d build a duplex and take on such a project. There are dozens of benefits that come with building a duplex, especially if you use the services of a reputable buyer’s agent that will manage the whole project for you, from start to finish.

The Benefit?

    • Instant Equity
    • Positive cash flow
    • High growth potential
    • Solid introduction to real estate
    • Instant loan repayment help

We offer following packages along with the duplex package:

      • Design package
      • CDC/DA application s ad submissions
      • Project management  and construction